30 Day Map Challenge 2020

I decided to partake in the #30DayMapChallenge to make a map every day in November on a different theme.

It was harder than I thought it would be, mainly the effort and will power involved to produce something in the evenings after a long day at work. I usually take time when making maps and models, and consider the details. This definitely required a new approach – making simple maps that are low res and not getting hung up on the things that you perceive are wrong with it (which most people probably never notice).

Whilst being hard work, it has been really enjoyable engaging with people and I have definitely made some new connections and discovered some fantastic work. Its a great showcase for people that don’t usually share their work, and a nice positive community feel to it.

I feel that my work has progressed by doing the challenge, after being forced by a lack of time to go with a creative decision, and make it work.


1. Points

The location of RCA Studios in Los Angeles, where Harry Nilsson recorded the soundtrack for the animated film, ‘The Point!’. On a map made of points.

2. Lines

Lines connecting The Rolling Stones live concerts. Over 1,400 since 1963. Amazing

3. Polygons

Low poly globe being decimated

4. Hexagons

Westminster made from lots of extruded hexagons

5. Blue

Connectivity of Pacific Islands, made with Blender Animation Nodes – Shortest Path node

6. Red

Map of Mars made from an amazing DEM from NASA.

7. Green

Map of Kew Gardens, London

8. Yellow

Map of the sunniest places in Europe, in November

9. Monochrome

Map of Lindesfarne/Holy Island in Northumberland, England.

10. Grid

Milton Keynes, England. New town with a grid layout

11. 3D

Orthographic render of 3d model made from aerial lidar. Llandudno, North Wales

12. Map not made with GIS software

World map in Fuller projection draped on a sphere using Blender cloth simulation

13. Raster

Map made with FME MapnikRasterizer of Stronsay, Orkney Isles

14. Climate change

Emissions in 2020 from coal power stations

15. Connections

Dyfi Estuary, Wales

16. Islands

Ille de France region

17. Historical map

80 years ago on the 14th-15th November 1940, 449 German bombers dropped 500 tonnes of high explosives and 30,000 incendiaries on the City of Coventry in a 14 hour raid. The current city layout is barely recognisable today.

18. Landuse

Ridge and furrow – wavy fields created by hundreds of years of ploughing in the same direction

19. NULL

Map of no data on the Kintyre Peninsula

20. Population

Exaggerated global population density

21. Water

Map of Foulness Island, Essex

22. Movement

Jupiter’s Travels – the route Ted Simon took when he rode his motorcycle around the world in the 1970s

23. Boundaries

Animation of global country boundaries

24. Elevation

Orthographic render of 25cm Digital Surface Model. Aberaeron, West Wales

25. COVID-19

Animation of cycle routes I had the time to explore in 2020

26. Map with a new tool

Animation made with Google Earth Studio

27. Big or small data

GPS tracks of Blue Whales from 1993 – 2008

28. Non geographic map

Schematic map of the West Midlands

29. Globe

Animation of map morphing into a globe

30. A map

Map of the Galapagos Islands

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